The 75kW Solution

One of the most significant features of the Nextek Power Gateway NPS-1000 is the fact that it is low voltage. The benefits of this are explained elsewhere. But the same features that make the NPS-1000 ideal in one location can cause problems in others. Examples of places that are not well-suited to our low voltage solution include buildings where the ballasts cannot be changed and locations where the lighting is not close to the solar panels.

For these installations, Nextek introduces the Nextek 75kW High Power Gateway.

The technology for the high power gateway is based on the fact that typical 277VAC ballast works just as well, or better, when powered by 380VDC. This is because the first stage of the ballast, a rectifier that normally turns AC to DC, allows DC to pass right through it.

This means that we can take an existing 277VAC lighting circuit and send 380VDC through it.

Here's a standard lighting circuit:

Here, we've added in our 75kW Gateway for power. Like the NPS-1000 Power Gateway, it takes all the power available from the solar panels and sends it directly to the load. If additional power is needed, it takes it from the grid, converts it to DC, and adds it to whatever is coming from the solar array.


Technically, the 75kW Nextek Gateway is like an inverter turned upside-down. Instead of producing AC for the grid from Solar DC, it produces DC from the AC grid. Nextek has chosen Ballard Power Systems as a manufacturing partner, using their 75kW inverter modified with Nextek technology as the template.

Our new 75kw High Power Gateway will open new markets to the efficiency and reliability offered by Nextek's Direct Coupling(tm) technology.

Currrently, we are in the final stages of an installation in a Target store in Brooklyn, NY. Once complete, the specific efficiency advantages will be measured and presented to the industry.





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