Nextek Products

Nextek's revolutionary technologies enable economic installations and replacements of conventional lighting systems, while offering value-adding functions such as un-interruptibility, load leveling, high power quality and security.

Integrating Nextek Power Modules with Nextek's proprietary line of high efficiency ballasts yields optimum operating performance, maximum power flexibility and lower operating costs resulting from energy resource conservation.

Optionally, Direct Coupled battery storage and distributed generation (including solar photovoltaic (PV) to lighting loads to create an ultra-efficient lighting system providing un-interruptibility, (up to 99.999% reliable) and load shifting capabilities. Nextek's Directly Coupling feature optimizes the interface between power generation and electric loads within the built environment eliminating losses due to inverters, and eliminating the need for uninterruptible power supplies and for surge-suppressors.

See Specification Sheet for Nextek Power System (PDF)

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