Nextek Products - NPS1000 Power Module

NPS-1000 provides power from Renewable Energy sources, the utility grid, and batteries to Nextek high- efficiency DC fluorescent ballasts.

NEXTEK’s NPS-1000 is the key component of Nextek’s Power System, providing direct connection between a variety of energy sources, such as photovoltaic solar cells, fuel cells, wind generation, and batteries to power a building’s lighting loads.

The NPS-1000 specifically addresses the limitations of the conventional systems by fully utilizing all AC and DC sources of electric power generation, creating a future-compatible electrical system.

NEXTEK's Power System reduces energy costs by using energy from the renewable source first. The system uses all available energy from locally generated sources (such as photovoltaic cells) first, then 'fills in' with power from the grid or, when the grid is not available, from batteries. This assures higher rate of return on investment and accelerated payback for alternative energy systems.

The NPS-1000 assures power quality through voltage regulation, which eliminates damage from brownouts and power robbing over-voltage situations. A high power factor (>0.99) and very low total harmonic distortion (THD <5%) assure the highest capacity and the cleanest electrical circuits. Power quality enhancements are further provided through the use of the power module’s auxiliary battery storage connection and secondary DC power inputs, providing un-interruptibility and the security offered by multiple power supply support.

The patented NPS-1000 achieves its exceptional power efficiency by Direct Coupling® alternative energy directly to the load. The NPS-1000 is designed for exceptional performance with variable intensity power sources such as solar cells and wind generators.

NEXTEK lighting systems are ideal for both small and large installations. Any number of power modules can be specified to accommodate any size of electrical demand. Compact modular construction of the NPS-1000 contributes to easy wiring and flexible installation layouts.

Specifications: (Click here for PDF)

Primary Input Voltage: 208-277 V 50-60 Hz AC
Maximum input current: 5.5 Amps AC
Maximum output current: 18.5 Amps DC
Secondary Input Voltage: Nominal 48 VDC
Output Voltage: Nominal 48 VDC
Maximum Output Power: 1000 Watts, current limited, short circuit protected
Max. Efficiency DC to DC: 97% AC – DC: 94%
THD: < 5%
Maximum AC Input Power: 1100 Watts
Power factor: 0.99
Type of Storage Batteries: Lead Acid, Deep Cycle
Number of 12 V Batteries: 4
Typical Run Time on Batteries: 1 to 4 Hr
Safety Standards: UL 1012
Dimensions: 8"W x 3.75"D x 21.5"L
Weight: 15 lbs.
Mounting: Plenum Rated, mount on any non-flammable surface

Specifications subject to change without notice

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