Nextek Products - Power Measurement and Monitoring System

NEXTEK's Solar Sensor System provides the ability to precisely measure andrecord the DC energy supplied through the Nextek Power System. This data can then be graphically presentd on a local monitoring kiosk or the Internet.

Remote management capabilities allow dial-up or network access to the system.

Solar Sensor consists of two independent components; the MCM (Monitoring and Control Module) and the MEC (Master Events Controller).

The MCM is installed at each NPS-1000 power assembly and integrated into the unit itself. Internal sensors measure the AC and DC inputs and the load. Data is transmitted by each MCM and consolidated by a single MEC.


MCM-1000 Metering &Control Module
DC Operating Voltage                               40-90 VDC
DC Amps from solar panels                       0-20 Amps DC
DC Amps output to load                            0-20 Amps DC

Calculated Values
Energy supplied to PV Panels                     0-1800 Watts
Energy Supplied to load                            0-1800 Watts

MEC Monitoring Interface
Power accuracy >98% from 5% to 100% load
(4) Programmable digital outputs
Modem Interface, RJ-11
Serial Interface, DB9
MEC Cabinet Size: 12” x 12” x 4” deep
MEC Operating power: 120 VAC, 30 Watts

See demo of monitoring at MyNextek.

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