DC Power Workshop, June 1-2, 2006, Washington, DC

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Can greater reliance on direct current systems improve the effi ciency and reliability of building-scale systems and microgrids? What is the value proposition of DC power systems for the electric power industry, for applications such as data centers and other critical loads?

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is hosting the DC Power Production, Delivery and Use Workshop to bring together industry experts and researchers to explore these questions.

Discussion and presentation will focus on a wide range of topics related to DC power technical and business case issues, including:
• DC-powered data centers and other critical loads; what is the potential for lower costs and enhanced efficiency and reliability?
• Emergency preparedness
• Potential role of DC power in grid reliability and peak load management
• Availability and compatibility of DC-powered appliances, power electronics, and variable-speed frequency (VFD) motors
• Product development opportunities and barriers, including changes to central power architecture in electronics, creation of equipment with DC ports, and other issues
• DC power supplies
• Photovoltaic-DC system demonstrations
• Design and interconnection issues for low-voltage DC micro-grids with distributed generation
• Plug-in hybrid vehicles and advanced mobile DC-powered micro-grids
• The practicality of a hybrid AC/DC building
• Safety and standards issues

Download the brochure for a detailed agends.





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