President Holds Press Conference
The Rose Garden


President's Remarks
video image

10:31 A.M. EDT




“…..I've got a job to help promote economic vitality. And I was pleased to see the manufacturing report was strong yesterday. But, clearly, we've got some challenges when it comes to energy. And there are two ways to address the energy issue. One is through better conservation and encouraging technologies to change how we use energy; and, secondly, to increase supply of energy. One place we need to increase supply is through the refineries; another place we need to do so is through safe nuclear power.

I had an interesting opportunity to go see some research and development being done on solar energy. I'm convinced, someday in the relative near future we'll be able to have units on our houses that will be able to power electronics within our houses, and hopefully, with excess energy, be able to feed them back in the system. That's possible. We're not there yet, but it's coming.”





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