Nextek Power Systems - How it Works

Nextek Technology

  • Replaces the complex approach currently used to accommodate DC loads to the AC grid, eliminating converters, surge protectors, internal equipment power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Directly Couples Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) including battery storage and DC generation such as solar photovoltaics (PV) and fuel cells to DC loads such as highly efficient DC ballasted lighting systems and digital devices such as computers, telecommunications equipment, and other office electronics.
  • Future Proofs conventional lighting systems - enabling optimally efficient full service lighting, at any time, even during power interruptions. Allows wiring flexibility and cost savings through low voltage operation, current limiting, and short circuit protection. Retrofits existing building wiring, fixtures and lamps.

Intergrated Power for the 21st Century

•Enabling multiple power source options in a single power supply, Nextek provides the most efficient and most flexible interface between standard AC grid electric generation, energy alternatives and electronic loads in buildings.




Nextek Power Modules

  • Can be used as either stand-alone or system-integrated devices for interfacing various DC power sources and electrical storage. These power supplies, or multi-source power interface systems, also enable high and low voltage interface capabilities.
  • Enable triple redundancy - distributed generation, grid power and storage to ensure “five nines" or greater reliability (99.999%).

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