Nextek Power Systems - Detailed Overview

NEXTEK's power system reduces energy costs by using energy from the lowest cost sources first. For a graphic demonstration using flash video, please click here.

The system uses all available energy from locally generated sources (such as photovoltaic cells) first, then 'fills in' with power from the grid or, when the grid is not available, from batteries.

Power generated as DC (direct current) is used as DC to support fixed DC loads in the building such as DC fluorescent lighting, motor controls, and more. Because the system never changes the power to AC, it avoids inverter losses, grid interconnection issues, and often requires no utility permitting.

Low voltage control features allow lighting to be more easily connected to occupancy sensors, low-voltage switches, and local or remote energy management systems. The low-voltage control wiring makes it safer and less expensive than traditional switching and control systems.

Locations that are ideally suited to the Nextek Power System include:

  • One, two, and three story buildings with large, flat roofs.
  • Locations operating fluorescent lights that are always on during the daytime like retail, grocery, and offices.
  • Businesses that benefit from having the lights stay on during a power failure.
  • Buildings with motors that utilize variable frequency motor drives such as the AB Powerflex series.
  • Areas where utility rates or demand charges are high or where net-metering is not encouraged.

The Nextek Power System Directly Couples® Nextek high-efficiency DC ballasts and other DC devices to DC power sources. The NPS-1000 takes DC power from solar panels or other DC power sources, adds any necessary AC power from the grid, and powers selected loads with highly efficient DC power.


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