Demonstrating the Technology

The best way to understand the Nextek Technology is to take a look at the brief, animated demonstrations. These demonstrations require that your browser is capable of viewing Flash Animations (most browsers are). If necessary, the free Flash player can be downloaded CLICK HERE.

   This shows a building equipped with solar panels, Direct Current ballasts in the fluorescent lights, and a small battery. During the day, solar power is delivered to the lighting system at nearly 100% efficiency. Because the lights require a little more power than the solar panels provide, supplemental power is taken from from the gris, converted to DC, and added to the power from the panels.

   Watch as clouds appear, the scene shifts to night, and a power failure occurs. See The London National Museum of Science and Industry version (below)

   This Animation illustrates the full range of flexibility for a Direct Coupled (tm) system. The building normally gets power from the grid, solar panels (or other distributed generation) and stores power in a battery. When necessary, though, a hybrid vehicle can act as a generator, load, or battery.
    In this graphic, we suggest that a community center being utilized as a shelter during an emergency can rely on solar power during extended grid outage. Should the panels stop producing due to clouds and the battery becomes depeleted, the center would put out a call for vehicled to plug in, and support the center.
   The system would recharge the vehicle battery as soon as power became available.

   The Philips QL Series Induction Lamp is a significant advancement in the flourescent field. A typical fluorescent tube has electrodes inserted at the ends. This lamp, though is completely sealed with the electrodes on the outside of the lamp. This allows a lamp life of over 100,000 hours.
    The weakest link is the power supply of the generator, which sits next to the lamp. This component is rated to last five years. Philips engineers determined that powering the generator is clean DC practically doubles the life. Combining this with easy-to-connect solar panels gives an unbeatable value proposition.

The National Museum of Science and Industry did a version of presentation that's worth a look!

Each of these flash animations is available in an executable file format so that it can be downloaded and viewed without a connection to the internet. This is ideal for use in presentations.


Direct Coupling Flash Animation

Direct Coupling Script for Flash Animation

Direct Coupling Powerpoint Presentation

Mobile Power Flash Animation

Philips QL Induction Lighting Flash Animation






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