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Nextek Power Systems, Inc. is a pioneer in direct current (DC) power networks for the built environment. NPS has designed, manufactured or installed solar power systems for Target Corporation, Frito-Lay Corporation, Whole Foods Markets, Inc., Lunardi’s Supermarkets, William McDonough + Partners and others. Nextek was a 2004 World Technology Award for Energy nominee and has projects completed or underway with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California (LBNL), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado (NREL), the National Fuel Cell Research Center in California, and the Global Fuel Cell Research Center in Connecticut.

The company was recently recognized by the body that sets the standard for DG Interconnection with the power grid, called the California Rule 21 Work Group, as the only CEC-approved energy interfacing appliance that does not require a Utility Interconnection Agreement. This highlights Nextek’s lower cost, and greater simplicity.

Nextek’s management team has extensive experience in power electronics, power systems and start-up operations:


Paul Savage , CEO, had been an outside Director prior to joining in an operating role in December 2002. A graduate from Haverford College , his background was mainly in finance including Bond Trading at CS First Boston and risk management at Lehman Brothers before joining other investors in the start-up operations of Caterpillar’s dealership in Vietnam . Paul filled 2 roles as the Director of Customer Finance and Marketing. He grew this green-field start-up to 87 employees, 5 offices and $22 million in sales in 2 years. This business was primarily back-up power systems from 20 kW to 2 MW. He is the largest individual investor in Nextek and organized the team which operates the Company today: Paul H. Savage


Ben Hartman, CFO, is an Electrical Engineer with 15 years experience in technology and management consulting. A graduate of Tufts University and Columbia Business School , He has developed proprietary controls and precision devices for Technicon Inc., done business consulting for Booz Allen & Hamilton and Business Strategy for Southern New England Telephone. Ben developed one of the company’s key patents pending, for the bi-directional version of our flagship product. Benjamin Hartman


Mark Robinson, VP of Sales, is a Master Electrician and was a nationally recognized salesman for Honeywell Systems. Formerly, Robinson was President of The Energy Grid, a consulting firm to the Renewable Energy industry and Director of Customer Service and Information Systems at inverter manufacturer Advanced Energy, Inc. He comes to the renewable energy industry from the computer field, where he established a leading Boston area consulting firm. Mark is an Accredited LEEDs professional and a Certified Microsoft Engineer. Mark C. Robinson


Wayne Gutschow, Chief Technician, graduated from Suffolk College and Grumman Davis Systems Institute in Long Island , NY . His long experience began as a Test Technician for Raytheon and HP Systems at Inter-Marine Electronics; at Aero-Space Avionics he was a Product Development Engineer for the Space Shuttle, B-52 bombers’ on-board electronic systems; Wayne was a Founding Partner of Perfect Sense a company Nextek purchased in 2000, primarily to obtain his services. Perfect Sense was an indoor air quality and control equipment hardware manufacturer.

Thomas Hotz , Project Manager, graduated with a B.S.M.E form Polytechnic University in 1997. He came to Nextek from Hitachi America Ltd. where he was and Assistant Project Manager with primary responsibility for managing Clients, Vendors and Internal Departments around major projects. He was responsible for schedule and technical compliance of multi-million dollar projects in the power industry , including Gas turbine components; 1.5MW Wind Generator; Transformers, and Circuit Breakers. He has had experience negotiating cancellation and contract modification agreements with clients.

Bob Mandell, Purchasing and Logistics Director, was a Founding Partner of Perfect Sense, Inc., a company Nextek purchased in 2000, primarily to obtain its engineering and support infrastructure.

Dennis Kosch, Technician, started at Grumman, Electronic Systems Division, in 1992 permanently stationed at IBM, Inc. From Grumman, he was recruited by Perfect Sense to do general technical work, modes testing and trouble-shooting. Dennis came to Nextek due to the acquisition of Perfect Sense.

Nextek’s Advisory Board Chair is William McDonough , a world-renowned architect and green design thought leader.

See his book - Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.





Nextek was founded in 1995 to bring direct coupled DC lighting to the marketplace. The higher efficiencies and other benefits of using power where, when, and how it is generated make Nextek's technology a clear solution for distributed generation.


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You are also invited to visit Nextek Power Systems' subsidiary in electronic monitoring equipment: Perfect Sense


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