Nextek 75kW Gateway for Power

The 75kW Gateway for power represents a new paradign in the "Balance of System" for renewable energy generation. Rather converting the newly generated power from to Direct Current to grid-compatible Alternating Current, this Gateway uses all the power efficiently and effectively for lighting and other devices that can use DC power.

This innovation is based on the remarkable discovery that most of the typical AC ballasts used today in fluorescent lighting work exceptionally well when powered with Direct Current! This is a UL Approved process!

Nextek 75kw

Nextek 75k Power Gateway


The basic operation is simple: Power from the solar array is sent, without conversion, directly to the exististing lighting system. When there is not evough power coming from the solar panels (cloudy day or nighttime), necessary additional power is taken from the grid, rectified to DC, and added to whatever is coming from the solar panels. On a 25% cloudy day, for example, the gateway takes the 25% from the solar panels and 75% from the grid.

Suggested retail cost of the 75kW unit is $62,900. This is subject to change based on the installation requirements. Installation requires that the existing lighting circuit be suitable for 380 VDC and that a DC Lighting panel with approved contactors such as Tyco Kilovac contactors  # LEV200 be installed to turn the lights off and on.







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